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  1. კარგია, იმედია მალე გამოჩნდება გაყიდვაში Amazon-ზე არ დევს ჯერჯერობით.
  2. მგონი ვიპოვე კარგი დამხმარე ვიდეო
  3. პირველი wheelie-ს მცდელობა პროგრესი დაიდება
  4. გულშემატკივრობთ ხვალ მევლუდს ? დიდი იმედი მაქვს, რომ TOP 32 მოვხვდებით და წყვილებშიც გავიმარჯვებთ
  5. Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.0.1 update OUT NOW ! Dear #ACCompetizione racers, the new v1.0.1 update for Assetto Corsa Competizione is live now! Please restart your Steam client and download it! v1.0.1 Changelog GENERAL: - Tweaked pit location message for accuracy. - Fixed wrong dynamic weather appearance during replays. - Enabled reverse button for the replay HUD. - Fixed a crash with a specific TV camera at Silverstone. - Fixed controller issues in Q2 and R2 sessions of Career events. - Fixed crash on Championship grid generation when circuit had too few pit boxes. - Fixed points not loading right away in Main Career page. - BAT shortcuts added for Oculus and SteamVR launch modes for external game start. - Fixed wrong physical pit entry zone at Silverstone that lead to confusing penalties. MULTIPLAYER: - Fixed crash when drivers join under certain circumstances. - Fixed spectator mode slot assignment. - Fixed Silverstone short formation lap not triggering correctly. RATINGS: - Fixed "too slow" (TR+CC) for tricky corners like Eau Rouge. GRAPHICS: - Fixed endurance light emissive on the Lexus RC F GT3. - Fixed missing auxiliary lights on the Honda NSX GT3. - Fixed flipped mirror reflection in the Mclaren 650S GT3 - Fixed car position offsets in the showroom. UI: - Fixed preset for Fanatec Podium DD wheels. - Fixed various presets with wrong steer rotation values. - Fixed incorrect maximum opponent count in championship. - Removed incorrect texts mentioning early access from the user interface. - Fixed navigation in Setup page. - Fixed navigation in Main menu page. AI - Increased AI minimum distance during formation laps. AUDIO: - Fixed wrong audio message when the current penalty is worsen. - Added cut warning and drive through penalty audio messages. - Fixed bass frequencies/LFE not redirected/working properly for some cars. - Fixed gearbox compressor sound plays on some cars that don't have it. - Minor audio tweaks.
  6. მშვიდობაში ACC და მომილოცავს საჭის გაკეთება
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